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Thursday, April 17, 2008

First outdoor ride

Sure was hesitant about getting up to go, but glad I did. Didn't think it was as warm as it turned out to be at 4:30 this morning, so duh, I over dressed BUT I'd rather be too hot and have to take off a jacket, then too cold with nothing to put on.

Ok the first couple of rides, before the sun even comes up, take some getting use to again. Last summer, no problem, now its just getting use to it again. Along with getting use to cycling in traffic - first time of the season you hear those cars on your ass and then whizzing past you, your butt cheeks kinda tighten up.

We didn't ride far but damn what the winter has done to the roads around here. Couple that with morning darkness and... well... I'm sure I burned up a few more calories worried about hitting a huge pothole and going over my handlebars. Lights on the bikes but you are damn near on top of the ruts before you can see them.

I have to say my new seat and bike fitting feel so much better. I don't feel like I'm stretched to far out - now of course we didn't go very far so after 50+ miles, things can and probably will feel a lot different.

I'm hoping Sunday turns out to be as nice... Steppin' out of my comfort zone and driving to Governors State University to meet some fellow bloggers and ride the Folks on Spokes Easter Ride - nervous AND excited, as usual about meeting new peeps, but more worried I will be the slowest in the bunch - by end of last summer I had managed to get my speed up and could keep up with the 15-17mph crowd without a lot of effort, but struggled to do that this morning - I know some of that was that it was the first time out this year, it was dark and I was in unfamiliar territory and I didn't sleep the greatest last night either - so well see what Sunday holds...

At any rate I hope this weather holds out...

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Erin said...

Cool! Another blog to follow! Hey..after a summer of crazy triathlons maybe you'll be ready to think about a fall bbing show...say November...wink