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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rainy Days and Wednesdays...

So tonight I thought I'd join the tri club President and some others for a brick workout. The clouds looked iffy but what the hell right. We meet up at Villa Park Depot and plans were for a straight shot up that road for 30 minutes then back 30.

We weren't even to Wood Dale and the drops started to come, slowly at first, taunting us to go farther, because, after all, it wasn't coming down to hard. Well that quickly came to an end by Thorndale RD, were we decided to turn around, I was soaked, not a dry spot on my person. Its amazing how fast you can cycle when you are just looking to get back home and out of the rain. Thankfully no thunder or lightening, but it was pouring pretty steady and a couple of time the cross wind really pushed you sideways... kind of scary when its wet and your in traffic, not a lot of room for error, on my part of that of the drivers.

We almost got in our hour ride 5 minutes shy, tad over 18.5 miles, avg pace 16mph, max speed 25.57, tempurature drop of 15 or so degrees... needless to say a hot shower and hot tea was in order when I got home and peeled out of my soaking wet clothes. We skipped the run.

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WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job getting the ride in!