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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Really not ready

I'm so not prepared for Galena in two weeks... I keep trying to think back to last year and while I don't remember 100% I really do think I had done more running and biking prior to this same point in time - but we all know how the mind works and well I could just be dreaming it all too.

Doing the duathlon so I'm not to worried that I WON'T finish, sans any mechanical issues, I just REALLY want to do better than last year... it would be mighty sad if I was SLOWER this year than last year specially when Galena was my very first multisport event ever, last year - I think my DREAM of carving a 1/2hr of last years time is just that, a dream, unless I really kick ass on the bike part - cause my running.... well it just sucks, I know I'm slower now than this time last year but I think this time last year I was also 10 lbs lighter - course could be dreaming that one too.

Today started with a 55 minute run and then tonight I hit the pool for an hour so now that I've sucked down my protein shake, I think its time for bed.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Good workout Kim. You'll do fine. Galena is a hugely challenging course.Just finishing is an accomplishment

The Young Family said...

Came across your blog - from waddler's.

Couldn't help to take a peek!

I work part time at a gym, and I know the dedication it takes to be a body builder - wow! You have many great accomplishments!