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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Come on in...The water is FINE!

NOT! We took a swim in Lake Michigan on Saturday. I found it amazing that it was so much colder than Lake Erie. And not just a couple of degrees, it was ice cold. It took a bit but I was finally able to put my face in and start swimming, but good gosh it was cold.

We went out a little way past the 1/4 mile mark, then headed back. Not sure what happened on the way back.. First off on Friday night I had some dizzy spells, not sure what was up there.. then on the swim back I had complete vertigo. I was going along at a pretty good clip, well for me anyhow, when I looked up to see if I was on path and the entire building I was using to site on was spinning. I had to stop, stood up, but wow the entire city was just going around in circles - I walked in the water for a bit trying to shake it off - finally did, then got back to swimming in the rest of the way. But even once I was out of the water I just felt dizzy and out of sorts.

The only thing I can think of is when I'd turn my head to breath on the way back in, at this point the sun was up and caused spots in front of my eyes, so that when I put my face back in the water all I could see was this black spot in front of me - I don't know if my concentration on that caused the issue or what.

I've swam in Lake Michigan when the water was rough, once last year, and got sea sick from being rocked in the water - but this felt different. Guess I'm just a weenie...

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