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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy events made sad

I can't imagine how my brother is feeling today because I am so so sad today...

Yesterday my beautiful niece, who I didn't think could possibly be any more beautiful than she already is, till I saw her in her wedding gown, got married yesterday. I expected tears when I saw her in the nursery as she waited for the ceremony to begin, I expected tears when I saw her escorted down the aisle by my brother, who looked VERY handsome in his tux! What I didn't expect was to find myself still in tears today.

I cried when we got home last night, I'm crying now.. Tomorrow (Monday) they move to Goldsboro NC and its just stuck me hard that when I go visit my brother, my niece won't be there. I've been to visit my brother before and stay weekends and from time to time Brittany isn't there, she is out with girlfriends, or in Fort Wayne visiting her mom... but now when I go there and she won't be there it will be different... and if I'm sad about it... I can't even begin to imagine how my brother is feeling today.

Her new husband is in the military, stationed in NC, and because he only gets so much time to come home, they are choosing to not have a honeymoon so that they can come home for Christmas.

Add to the saddness I'm feeling today is that tomorrow will be one year since Michael passed away... So maybe I'm just meant to have a weepy day today.

Some pictures to follow... my camera kinda sucks and its hard to get good shots but I did get a few pictures... the professional photos will be available in the next week.

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