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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fridays workoutS

Not that I have any kind of an exciting life that I'd be happy its Friday - hell no... everyone else is out having fun on Friday night.. I am hitting the gym for the 2nd time...

Friday AM w/Kurt was Bi's/Tri's and Abs

FM curls (he hooked a ez curl bar to the two sides of the FM machine) the motion was half way up, back down, then all the way up that was one rep

1/12 pin @10, 2/12 pin @ 5 no rest 20 bench crunches between each set of curls

Incline Bicep Curls (had to go lighter than standing curls)
1/10 @ 20 (had to lighten up)
1/12 @ 15
1/12 @ 15 no rest knee up abs left/center/right for 10

Bench Dips
3/12 w/2 25 lbs plates in my lap after first two sets no rest ab crunches, finally some rest after last set..

Preacher Curls
3/12 @ 40

Vbar Pushdowns
1/10 @ 30
2/10 @ 40

Abs 3pt toes touch and double twists with medicine ball

Hammer Curls
3/10 @ 20

Skull Crushers
1/12 @ 40
2/12 @ 50

Then it was diamond pushups till I failed... EYE failed about number 15... he forced 5 more out of me and freakin' eh they hurt like hell... my arms were already tired - my arms felt like they were going to explode out of my skin.

Plan was to hit cardio after work... but I was feeling really good so I went to the Courts after work to lift.. did shoulders... no time to lift tomorrow cause I'm gonna go see my mom...

DB Shoulder Presses
3/10 @ 30

Side Lats
3/10 @ 15 supersetted with

DB Shrugs
3/12 @ 45

Bent over rear lat raises
1/10 @ 15
1/10 @ 20
1/12 @ 15

Front raise (going down the rack)
3 sets, 10 reps at each weight no rest b/t weight changes, 20/15/10/5 - never thought 5 lb raises could hurt and burn like hell until that last set

Up Right Rows
3/10 @ 45

then I left the courts fitness center and went across town to Xsport.. where I hit the coolest machine that I am IN LOVE with... get this.....
a treadmill with a 30% incline... and 3% decline... when I first got there two peeps were hogging the two machines... on a flat grade damn it...

so I hit stairs for 20 minutes, level 7.. then finally they moved and I pounced...

20 minutes, 2-2.5 mph at 30% incline! I was drenched....and my legs were on fire... I was a bit jello-ie after I got off that damn thing....

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