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Thursday, April 30, 2009

3:45am... I must be nuts...

Today was an arm assault. I really almost contemplated crawling back into bed when my alarm went off... but I got up and pee'd and thought to myself you know you will be pissed later if you don't go now. So up and atom and at the gym at 3:45am..

Not nuts really just determined to come into this competition MY best ever! Hell I think I look better now then when I competed in 06 so I am on the right track at the very least... and with 128ish days left in prep I will achieve the goal I set for myself.

Rope Pushdowns

1/12 @ 50
1/12 @ 60
1/12 @ 60

Decline Skull Crushers

1/10 @ 60 x 3 sets

Bench Dips

1/15 @ bodyweight + 75 pounds in my lap x 3 sets

Single Arm Reverse Grip Pushdowns

1/15 @ 15
1/15 @ 15
1/15 @ 17.5 (15 to light, 20 to heavy)

Barbell Curls

1/8 @ 65
1/10 @ 65
1/9 @ 70

1 Arm Preacher Curls

1/8 @ 25
1/10 @ 20
1/10 @ 20

Hammer Curls

1/10 @ 30 x 3 sets

needed to do some calf and ab work so I did a lot of standing calf raises between sets. And lots of ab work at the end of the workout... then some stretching... so it means cardio of some sort tonight.

I really hate cardio...it sucks big balls... maybe I'll get lucky and this rain will stop and I can do some cardio outdoors...

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