just when the caterpillar thought that life was over,
it became

Monday, May 18, 2009

got some catching up to do... I know working the weekends will be worth all the effort it is right now when I am living in the warm Florida sunshine and can feel my back is off the wall a bit financially with the extra cushion the money will provide.

Sure does wear you out though. I thought my Mon-Friday job was hectic, and yes it is from time to time but cleaning hotel rooms is physically demanding and honestly not great money, but like I said it all goes to savings for Florida..and hell it does provide for some interesting stories...

need to get the whole webcam thing set up too... not sure how much that will bring in but I've been asked to webcam for a couple of sites, so why not damn it...

got my update from PJ... cardio upped another 10 min, for a total of 80 a day now.. and no more cheat meals until photo shoots in June... lean, mean and clean up thru weekend of June 19-21... but then afterward I get a couple of days to relax and eat, then full speed ahead to Sept 5th...

speaking of, entry forms are on line..time to print that out and get it sent in, no turning back..

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