just when the caterpillar thought that life was over,
it became

Monday, May 18, 2009


did ya ever notice how true these things can be sometimes? Is it just coincidence on occasion? Or is there really something to it all? Ever wonder???

So my horoscope yesterday day was (i get these sent via text from my cell carrier)

Some hard lessons are learned today and this will help you be a stronger person

and I did learn some hard lessons... got some rather harsh words from a friend and while how it was said was harsh I was ok with that.. its what was said... I've not quite responded because I really had to THINK about what was said - and I discussed it with Rich today in session... there is a LOT of truth in what was said - and I part of me was hurt, another part mad, another part reeling from the stinging slap on the face - but the truth always does hurt I guess - I mean I guess it could have been put differently but... I dunno its given me some things to think about, Rich has given me some tools to work thru it - I just know that its not easy to undo years and years of 'stuff' but I do keep trying to get better at it.

I've always said and not just about this incident but in general, when something someone has said has pissed me off, its likely because WHAT was said had some ring of truth to it....

How can one so physically strong be so mentally weak?

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