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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat Freak

I think I am going to survive Florida just fine when I move... yes my long hair will be forever in a ponytail, but then my friend Chay gave me a link to these really cute clips that can make a ponytail look pretty snazzy.. http://www.flexi8.com/ - so it won't be so bad..but I like the heat and humidity...

Ok can do w/o the humidity but if I have to get the heat and humidity comes along, so be it.. everyone pisses and moans its so hot..yet whilst in Florida in June, I was out running, in black long pants, sometimes at 10 or 11am.. Yesterday in IL we had 91 degrees and 100+ heat index, at 5pm, and I was out running on the prairie path loving every ounce of sweat i produced.

dunno.. maybe after a year or so in Florida I'll be moaning about it too, but I think I'm like my internet buddy Amazon Blonde and I'm a sicko that loves that kind of weather...

See how I feel in August when I am in Florida again... Can't believe at in like a bit over 12 weeks... I will be a Floridian! the whole living arrangement is still up in the air, but things will or are working out perfectly and just as they should...

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