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Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday - Arms

WOW June 1st already can you believe it... 19 days 19 freaking days and I will be a nervous wreck on photo shoots. Yeah I'm ok playing with my own camera, its ok if I look stupid in front of myself... but in front of others????

Jen will be coming with me so my comfort level increases a bit.. some of these cool outfits she lent me.. mmm I need an engineering degree to figure out how to get in to/out of them - but OMG some ultra HOT stuff. Like that little black dress... I love that dress...

Today was Arms and 1/2 of my cardio that is now 100 minutes a day.

Rope Pushdowns SS w/Barbell Curls

1/12 @ 50 ss 1/10 @ 65 x 3 sets

Decline Skull Crushers SS w/1 Arm Preacher Curls

1/12 @ 50 ss 1/10 @ 20 x 3 sets

Single Arm Pushdown SS w/Hammer Curls

1/15 @ 15 ss 1/12 @ 25
1/15 @ 20 ss 1/10 @ 30 x 2 sets

Weighted Bench Dips

1/12 @ me + 4 - 25 lb plates in lap x 3 sets

cardio was 30 on stepmill, 20 on incline dreadmill and I am hoping its not nasty pouring rain after work so I can run outside for another 50 min..


Robert Da Strongman said...

nice arm work

Erin said...

Hey! It's Thursday...late....no posts?

Erin said...