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Saturday, August 22, 2009

God's Training Wheels???

Why do some feel if you are not as good as them at something then you are just a waste of time?

Its funny sometimes you have people that encourage you in life.. encourage you at things that are new to YOU... be those things a new job, being a new parent, embarking on a new sport such as bodybuilding or triathlon, or maybe.... learning how to let go and accept God into your life?

How can you profess to be a "Christian" then in the next breath you are putting down someone that may not be as perfect a Christian as you think you are???? If you ask me that is the opposite of what Jesus would expect of you the so called perfect Christian - don't ya think?

Listen I KNOW I am not perfect... I KNOW I struggle daily with accepting this new way of life... I KNOW I have trust issues and sadly for me, yes, even trust God 100% as I should is hard for me RIGHT NOW

I don't think it will always be this way... If I can make an analogy that, well, makes sense to me but maybe no one else...

When you were little and riding a bike for the first time you likely had training wheels... and you trusted those training wheels would keep you upright... but then the time came for the training wheels to come off and now all your trust in yourself was out the window... so your mom or dad held onto the back of your seat as they guided you down the sidewalk... you started to feel comfortable and picked up some speed... mom or dad are now running along side you, sensing your confidence... till eventually they felt confident enough to let go and let you fly on your own...likely what happened is you fell many times, got scraped up, bumped, bruised and bleeding from the fall but determined, you saddled up again, and again, and again... till eventually, one day.... you stayed upright the whole way...

to me this is what learning to accept and trust God feels like (if that makes any sense) perhaps a friend introduces you to Jesus, be it an invite to church or a spoken word... it plants that seed.. but your unsure of yourself... am I confident enough, can I do this, can I soar???? so this friend walks along side you, guiding you, not judging you, but gently reminding you when you fall that its ok.... then friend starts to run along side you as they feel confident to let go of your seat at some point watching you soar... only to see you fall a little way up the road.... but they come to your side (just as your mom or dad did) and even though you are bumped, bruised and bleeding, they embrace you, pray for you, and tell you to get up and try again... and so you do, you saddle up on your path and then eventually one day...

you learn to stay upright walking with Jesus the whole way.

I am that little child learning to ride her bike without the training wheels...so if you see me fall, maybe, but especially if you profess to be a Christian, you should stop and pick up the child, help bandage her boo boo, and encourage her to try again.

Just a thought :o) but nonetheless I WILL pray for you that you learn YOU are not the judge... the only judge I need in or about my life is Jesus, thank you...

And a funny story... when I was a child learning to ride my bike... I was so afraid to give up the training wheels "but daddy I will fall" I had so many reasons I did not want my dad to take away my training wheels... so one day while we were riding, WITH training wheels... it was time for lunch... in I go to eat my sandwich only to come out and find OMG someone stole my training wheels... yeah ok I was a child who had no concept that someone would not just steal training wheels....this was how my father got the training wheels off my bike without it looking to me like he did it... I was his princess and he would have wanted nothing to make his princess think he would do such a thing as take away her training wheels... but this was his sneaky way of finally getting me to learn to ride without that crutch...long after my mother and he divorced and we were speaking after many years... I asked him about this story and know what... he still would not admit he was the one that 'stole' my training wheels...

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Michelle said...

Are you sure we are not related or at the very least sharing brainwaves all the time :).

I am really beginning to wonder!!

Great message, I can totally understand how you feel. And I really almost wrote a blog sooooo close this one it is eerie.