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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iron Revival

got a proper hiney kicking from Kurt at the gym today... it was tough... after my brief hiatus (read I was so sick of the gym a place I normally love) I was sweating bullets 5 minutes in... granted it was hotter than heck in there too.

and know what... it was exactly what I needed... I'm gonna hurt for the next couple of days but between this beating today and the disc with my photo shoot pictures that I got yesterday... and my books from Bob/Cheryl... just something within me feels sort of 'renewed' - and I'm likin' that a lot...

when you push to those limits it is so easy to get in a funk.. generally the gym is a place I love, the feel, the smell, the friendships made at the crack of dawn, with the iron and with fellow crazy peeps there at 3:30-4am...and that is what I need my life to get back to... where I like the gym again, where it does not feel like a chore that I despise..

get back to that place where it feels like I feel on Sunday's at Church... renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the world again... and believe me God was right there with me tonight... I generally take my cross round my neck off when I work out but just didn't think about it as I ran out the door, so with every pushup that I didn't feel like I could push thru... I was able to be reminded to ask for strength as it hung below me.. with every plank he made me hold, as my core started to quiver... I could look down and see my cross hanging there, and ask for strength for 15 more seconds at a time...

so maybe... just maybe... God can be in all we do, even.... a kick butt training session at the gym....

Thank you Jesus for the strength today and, well, every day! 

Ok I really need a shower now :o)

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Daughter of the The King said...

Hi Kim,
I live in a small town which does not have a homeschool group like what many larger towns offer. I found a lot of helpful info on my state's homeschooling association website. Your profile says you live in FL, so I found their website for you. It is http://www.floridaschoolchoice.org/information/home_education/

It has all the laws for your state and district contacts. It looks like a great place to start at least :)