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Friday, October 9, 2009

Are there just things you hate spending money on?

For me one thing that comes to mind is car repair stuff.  I realize you have to do maintenance to a vehicle if you plan to keep it and right now I REALLY do not want a car payment.  I've been lucky that I've not had a car payment in a few years and I must say its been nice... but I am never ever prepared when I have to actually spend money on my car.

I'm ok with things like oil changes and such and get my oil changed regularly.  I could do it myself but by the time you buy the stuff and then take YOUR time to do it...mmm yeah I'd rather spend $19.99 and let someone else do it.

My car needs tires.  Before I left IL I had to spend money on my car I was not prepared to spend for rear brakes and rotors... to the tune of $300+, not good timing when my move south was about 2 wks off... but the guy at the repair shop said... "miss you really need new tires, I'd not even attempt to drive to Florida on those tires" and of course wouldn't ya know it... my car has low profile expensive tires and apparently an odd size... 195/55/16 - I kept getting quotes of $450 and higher for 4 flipping tires..

Well I drove not only to Florida but within 48 hrs of arriving in Florida, to our ultimate destination of Summerville SC... yes over 1600 miles from Friday to Sunday, damn that is like the distance California isn't it???  Praying to the Lord the entire way "Lord please let me arrive safely, let me have no car issues on the way"

Thankfully He heard and answered my prayers because I've gotten here safely, but now the time has come, and mostly at Matt's urging, to go get estimates for tires and get them replaced, THIS WEEKEND!  UGH I just really REALLY hate spending that kind of money... even if its NOT my money I"m spending... but off I go to get estimates because if he comes home today and I've not taken care of this he might just have a word or two for me, followed by "baby I love you and just want you to be safe" :o)

and we can list feminine products right up there with things that cost way to much for what you get from them.. I mean really???  If it wasn't for the fact I want to have a baby I'd say bring on menopause... and prior to meeting this most wonderful man and soul mate I did say exactly that! 

God sure does work in mysterious ways... now if He could do something about over priced products....

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Alicia said...

I know what you mean. It seems like when one of our vehicles gets worked on, it's always something that costs over $100! But, we have a trustworthy mechanic who my husband trusts. But, still..a hassle! :)