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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Cup for Elijah!

Now who among us does not love a good cup of coffee???? Yes even you decaf folks love a good cup of Java.

I am a rather new coffee drinker.. In fact never liked the stuff until, well, I had a friend visiting one day.  They liked coffee in the morning and I didn't have a coffee maker, so I purchased a Keurig one cup coffee maker and decided to try some myself.  Well the rest is history (rather new history but history the same) - now I am like uber obsessed to try all the different flavors and such that I can find... In fact stopped in a coffee spot the other day and had this great cup of Michigan Cherry Coffee but that is a post for another day...

A fellow blogger, who I don't know personally, only via her blog, well her and her lovely family have been called by the Lord to adopt a child from Ethopia.  His name is Elijah; please read her story over at Filled with Praise - its amazing what this family is doing...

With 3 lovely children of their own, their heart strings have been pulled to help give a child a real forever family.  As you can imagine, the costs associated with such a challenge are not cheap and while I don't know this family personally... I am certain they are not millionaires with the proverbial money tree growing in their back yard... but its apparent from reading her blog that she and her family are putting their faith in the Lord to find ways to raise funds to bring Elijah home.  And now you too can help them... The Webb's who own JustLoveCoffee are a family that has themselves adopted and are giving back by helping others raise needed funds to bring their child home. 

You can order coffee, something you all probably drink each day and a portion of your funds will be given to the Stavens Family to help bring Elijah home. 

So the next time your thinking... wow I need to put coffee on my grocery list PLEASE visit Bring Elijah Home and place an order!  You can order 1 bag or join the coffee club where they will send you a bag a month or every other month.. Or even order Mugs or Tshirts... by visiting this site thru the link (click on Bring Elijah Home or click on the post title) this will help the Stavens Family to get Elijah home to his new family!

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What a wonderful way to give back, thank you for sharing!