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Friday, November 6, 2009

Heading to Florida

Well the rental we are moving into is ready.. We did the 'walk thur' last night, well sort of.. its kind of hard to do a complete walk thru when there is no electric or water turned on yet and some rooms were to hard/dark to see any dings in the walls, etc w/o light.

I know Matt got the ball rolling this week to make SURE those things were turned on by today... lets hope the utility company's hold up to their end of the bargain.  I hope its not a case of we need to be there to make this happen (I have a feeling it will be) because we are suppose to get on the road to Florida.  Goal here is to get his stuff and Trev's out of storage, so its a quick trip really.  And if the fridge does not get turned on at the new rental so I can take what we have here over there, well it means thrown a lot of stuff out and I DON'T like doing that!

Leave today, hopefully by noon, get there round 6 or 7pm, pick up truck Saturday, load it, chill Saturday night, go to church Sunday, get on road, back to SC by 1pm.  We were discussing having to miss church... mmmm I don't think so... you and T can get your bottoms OUT of bed and we can hit the 8:15 service on Sunday and be on the road by 10am, was my comment - else don't load up my car on the dolly.... I will go to church myself and you can put my car on the dolly when I get back from early service.

I know God understand there are times and circumstances mean you miss church... but in several months I have not missed a Sunday, cept one, Lord knows with all the last minute changes in my life lately... I've needed to be in church on Sunday - lately or, well, recently, its that AH I can relax feeling when I get there and walk in the door... I think that is His gentle reminder and tap on the shoulder to me... "kim its ok I know life is throwing a curve ball every day but I'm here" kind of AHHHHH - ok so sometimes by the time I got home on Sunday my shoulders were bunched around my head again tight with worry... but... for a fine hour or so, it was AHHHHHH, like the angels singing :o) (cue the angels please!) - so I don't see how this circumstance warrants missing church......... nope don't think so...

anyhow I have my QOTD lined up for the weekend (and I guess I need to plan a few more days ahead because we won't have internet, yikes) but not sure if I can figure out or deal with the small screen on my blackberry to get to this blog... we will see...

and... my coffee didn't keep me up TO late.. I mean past MY bedtime (9pm) but I got into bed at 10:30ish..

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He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like you are going to be very busy over the next little while. Good luck with the move.