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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gotta love Nyquil

do you ever wonder how one head can hold so much snot?

I know if your eating right now... likely I've grossed you out, unless your a mom then you've dealt with a lot of worse things in your life then snot.

But seriously you blow and blow and blow your nose... going through Lord only knows how many kleenex and 2 seconds later, there is more... where the heck does it come from?

It started innocently enough with the familiar sort of sore throat and then within hours (or so it seemed) I could feel it like a steam roller rushing over me....I've done next to nothing, besides church today, this entire weekend.. and sadly I don't feel better.  In fact it now seems to be moving into my chest... Seems my only saving grace for some sleep is NYQUIL!

not quite sure what is in that stuff that knocks me for a loop but it does... and for that I am thankful... else I am sure no sleep would be had... its bad enough when you wake up to a drool soaked pillow because you can't breath out of your nose, yet your so dosed by the Nyquil you don't notice your mouth is open wide so you can breath.

I have dodged the bullet before but I guess this time I stepped into the line of fire... Trevor, it seems to me, is almost every other week with a runny nose or some cough, that I've managed to stay away from... even in November when Matt was down and out I somehow managed to not come down with it, but alas not so lucky this time...sore throat, feel like my head is in a vice and being squeezed, a cough that sounds like a rattle and like I smoke a carton a day, and now I seem to be losing my voice (yes every man's dream a woman that can't talk back to him, but we still can give THE LOOK!)

Oh well... this too, in time, shall pass... however tomorrow may just be another rest day... will decide upon that after I wake up from my next Nyquil induced coma!  MMMM Cherry flavored....


He & Me + 3 said...

Rest & Nyquil nothing better.

Shelley said...

You poor thing, get better soon!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Get well soon! And during the day chug down TheraFlu :)