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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is it ok...

To love your pastor.. I mean not in a romantic sense.. not in love with him..

but I just LOVE the way he preaches...its like every Sunday he speaks, God has directed him to speak about things on my mind or in my heart.. every Sunday I leave filled with so many things to think about... and its uncanny but even when Peppy is not preaching and there is someone standing in for him... I get the same fulfillment...

At the Christmas Eve service and the baptism... he was so emotional, but there has been a lot going on in the church family, a lot of deaths or sickness, and he was so emotional.. He made a comment about hoping he is a good shepard to his people, in bringing them God's word, in helping bring them closer to our Lord... Now as much as I hate 'putting myself out there' I've gotten more bold in my older age... but I think he is a good shepard and I felt compelled not only to say THANK YOU for officiating my baptism but when I hugged him I said "you ARE a good shepard"

and what a man... he is so passionate about what he says and what he believes, he is not afraid to show his emotions... I think so many pastors get this idea they have to stand strong they can't show their congregation they are human, they cry, they are emotional.. now he has not broken down on the altar in sobs, but he gets very moved by what he has to say and rightfully so... Its so apparent he loves God..

Now you may say.. uh duh he is a pastor... he is supposed to love God.. yes he is.. but aren't medical Drs supposed to love healing, aren't teachers supposed to love teaching, aren't vets supposed to love helping animals, aren't customer service peeps supposed to love serving customers, aren't trainers supposed to love training clients???

but how many times do you run across someone in their chosen profession just going thru the motions??

to me, Peppy does NOT just go thru the motions.. he motivates, he is passionate about what he says and does....I never leave the sermons without life applicable things to think and ponder over..

I can only hope in my walk... I can become even half that passionate....

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He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome that you think so highly of your pastor. So glad that he is leading by example. Glad you found a church you feel at home in. That is so important to your Christian walk.