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Saturday, February 6, 2010


ok for many of you.... this might be a stupid question really.. some of you may be thinking.. wow I thought she was an intelligent woman :o) - in some aspects of life, I am, others... hey you don't know what you don't know..

I have always believed in God... but until the last year (heck maybe less) I've never been as, oh gosh what's the word I'm looking for here?????? 

MMMM - CONSUMED  maybe...????

I've never been as consumed with wanting to know Him more, reading His word, getting involved in Bible study, seeking ways to be more involved at church, trying to listen to what He has to say, praying before meals, praying during the day, talking to Him in my car, attending church religiously (even when sick), paying attention to every word in church, surrounding myself, via blogs or in life, with others that follow this same road... I mean you get the idea right?

but I do admit and my brother will tell you the same... I've never quite 'gotten' tithing... my comment to my brother as he tithed when he was out of work... "don't you think God would want you to provide for your family first" (told ya I've believed all my life but never followed the way I am now)

Of late and as I read and understand more... I can imagine the Lord up there smiling as I start to 'get' things... I can imagine His face and imagine Him smiling and saying "I knew she'd figure it out someday, this one is a strong stubborn Irish red head"

So back to tithing... I know its 10% of your God given earnings but let me ask you this and this is where you may say.. does this gal have a brain?

If your paid bi-weekly and say you bring home $1000 (trust me I am NOT these days) and your 10% is $100, do you tithe that... lets say you got paid this past Friday (yesterday) and this Sunday (tomorrow) you tithe your $100.... mmm what do you do next Sunday because you don't get paid for another week?

I mean should you tithe this Sunday $50 and next Sunday $50????

Does God care how you do it???

Does this make sense to anyone????

believe me less than a year ago... to give 10% when I had bills and whatnot to pay would have been beyond my thinking... but I know God is really speaking and I am listening and trying as best as I know to be obiedant... and even my measly paycheck I got last week. after beign out of work since September, I did my tithing.... and what was funny to me.... it didn't even phase me, it was like I knew that is what I should do and did...and trust me when your bi-weekly paycheck is only $600, $60 is a chunk of change, but even those telling me I should take care of me first... I said no... God has taken care of me I need to start doing as I should...

I got some other things on my heart God is talking to me about that I will blog about as I figure out how to say it/come clean about it if you will....

Just please know decisions I need to make will be making things very hard on me... Please PLEASE keep me in your prayers as I wrestle with lots of stuff...


He & Me + 3 said...

Tithe is the first check I write out after hubbies check is deposited every other week. We pay a lump some every time he gets paid which is bi-weekly. It is 10% of our earnings. I have done it since I was a child. I have made bad choices along the way financially, but I have never failed to pay my tithe.
Tithing is a touchy subject and sometimes difficult...but when you tithe you will be blessed. God loves a cheerful giver:)
I hope this helps a little.

3 Blessings said...

Isn't it amazing when He opens our eyes to things we never thought about or thought differently of before? We have found such blessings to giving to others throughout our adoption. It is such a beautiful feeling to be able to help others in His name and He has provided every dollar we have needed for each payment of our adoption thus far. AMAZING! I love hearing about what He is doing in your life.

3 Blessings said...

I had you on my Google reader, but it is not updating, so I am going to try again with the follow button.
Just wanted to let you know :)

Julie said...

Kim, I think it's so great you are tithing! Don't worry about breaking it up into exact payments or anything like that. When you receive, give back 10%.
Because Steve and I do not agree on this issue, I am only able to tithe on my allowance each month. At first, I thought that this was such a pitiful amount "why bother", but it's still "my" own income, so each 1st of the month when I get it, I give my $20 at offering.

I don't think God cares how much your 10% is, whether you are wealthy or poor, or how you break up the payments. The point is that you are willing to give your first and best 10% and to do it in faith.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I truly believe that it doesn't matter when, as long as you are consistant. You can do $50/week or $100/biweekly, it's the same amount; do what you feel like you are guided to do.

Russell Earl Kelly said...

For a completely different view of tithing se www.tithing-russkelly.com and also read First Timothy 5:8.

Michelle said...


You are right girl you and I share a heart/brain and apparently the same path when it comes to finding God.

Yes the Bible does say 10% of your first "fruit". And those who give with have more then enough for their needs. There is the word, "needs". So many times people focus on their wants, so that when it comes to tithing, people don't want to part with that money because it will interfere with their "wants vs needs".

With that said, The Bible also say that you should fast and pray, along with give and when we do these things together, God will provide us with all our needs. I belong to a church that truly believes in tithing, but also says give what you can, if you are only giving 10% because the Bible tells you to then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. You have to give out of the true desire to do what is right. Does that make sense?

But to answer your question if you are paid bi-weekly you should set aside enough each week so that you can give both. It makes you feel better when you can contribute to the tithe when the basket is passed. Some people however tithe once a month, in the form of a check, so that they can get the tax credit. (doesn't the kinda defeat the purpose of tithing?)

Oh well I hope my rambling helped you, and can I tell you that this has been on my mind a lot too since the hubby has been out of work. And in just a few days was thinking about maybe blogging to see what answers I would get. WOW.

I am faithful to the tithe, but I will admit I may not be able to always give the full 10% but I do give what I am able to give. I know that one day I will be able to do more, but for right now I am doing my best. What I can not do in tithe I try to make up for in helping those in need. I know God understands!!!

lexaboy said...

God is either ignorant of what money is or He is a liar. The tithe is on the land and it's fruit. To give money to teachers of tithing is to eat the forbidden fruit. Don't believe them. Believe in God's truthfulness and his intelligence. To rest in anything else is to build your faith on sand.

Kim said...

well no one can say I don't allow opinions that perhaps differ from mine from posting comments...

I truly thank everyone for their insight, thoughts, and opinions... even those that may differ from mine...

I think 2000 yrs ago perhaps tithing did mean 'first fruit' however I think in modern time first fruit is $$ and I choose to tithe... not saying others are not entitled to their opinion and there was a time (very recently in fact) I poo poo'd the idea myself..