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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Understanding and Discipline

My roommate invited me to her Bible Study group last night.  Contrary to popular belief I am a shy person (I just fake it well sometimes being the opposite) so I was a bit apprehensive about going.  While I was out later than usual for me (mind you bed time is like 9pm most nights) I am glad I went.

They are a very nice group of ladies... I was worried about being the 'old lady' as my roommate G is in her 30's...but they all ranged in ages, some my age, some older.. as it turns out G was the youngest likely.

But I walked away with things to think about, sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes bad :o)....but one nugget I walked away with is that while the Lord DOES intend for us to read His word, He never meant for us to completely understand every single word, not understand it the way He does.  At least I don't think so...

Look at what happened to Adam and Eve when Eve convinced Adam to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  They were cast out of the Garden.  Anyhow another gal was saying how she struggles to understand it all and when she doesn't she gets frustrated.. WOW it was like she took the words from my brain and mouth.  another lady in the group said you just want to bite of that apple don't you...

Now maybe that comment made no sense to anyone but me... but what I took from it is, hey it is OK that I don't completely understand it as if I'd written it, I am to read it, ask questions, seek counsel, fellowship with others to gain more understanding, but it is OK that I am not a biblical scholar (and even THEY don't know it all as God intended) - again all my opinion

My 2nd nugget was about discipline.... yes if you look at my photo shoot from June of 09... it looks like I have tons of discipline... if you'd seen me at 215 pounds in 2002, yes it looks like I have tons of discipline to loose 80 lbs... we won't even discuss how if I don't reign it in I will be back at 215 before  I know it.  Now while the talk of discipline was in relation to being more into God's word, reading it daily in some fashion... we all discussed how we lack that discipline in MANY areas of our lives...

The discipline to read God's word daily.
The discipline to be regular gym go-ers.
The discipline to bite our harsh tongues some days and speak in love not harshness.
The discipline to eat better and feed our bodies as the temples they are.

My discipline comes in waves... and right now... I need to find that up crest of that wave again... I know losing this extra weight, again, won't solve my other issues I am struggling with, but when I feel better about my outer shell... other things in life just 'seem' easier to handle.

I need to dig deep and find my discipline again... I deserve it, but more importantly, God deserves me in a better state of physical-ness because when I am I just am in a better place in mental-ness.  I used my treadmill or step mill time to read and at the same time listen on iPod to my Bible, and that needs to be a standing order once again.

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That corgi :) said...

I understand what you are saying about discipline coming in waves, mine has been like that lately with exercise and getting to the gym, trying to re-lose those 30-50 pounds again (you think I would learn after the first several times what not to do to re-gain them back); hoping you do find your discipline with that and be consistent with exercise and healthy eating

It is very important to be in the Word daily or as closely to daily as possible. We may not understand it all, but I do believe the Lord gives us insight into his word the more we study it and read it and meditate upon it