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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Had a nice Mother's Day Weekend... in spite of the fact I am not a mom :o).... I know Trevor calls me his step-mom, even though Matt and I are not married.  And if we will ever be, well only God knows the end to that chapter in the book right now.

We left Friday for Florida...stopped in Daytona to Matt's sister Amanda and her daughter Raegan... we ended up at Crabby Joe's Pier and had some dinner and saw a beautiful sunset... when I get time to play with Picasa I will link my pictures... then we headed on to Mel's house (matt's sister in Eustis) where we stayed

Saturday, Matt's dad cooked up one heck of a spread... first time I met him I was teasing him about cooking me dinner, he did that time, and made me some mean ribs!  so now I guess it must be a tradition that whenever we are in town, Matt's dad cooks me some ribs... They were mighty good!  Then that evening Amber and Mason (matt's brother and sister in law) came by Mels to play cards... Amanda and Raegan came by also... the evening didn't go quite as planned, but then best laid plans always go haywire I guess.

Sunday, well it started off not so good... Trevor had some stomach bug and threw up in my car!  got that cleaned up and he too then we attended church, not where we normally do when in Florida, this time we attended Matt's grandma's church with her for mother's day... she was the oldest mom in the congregation (it was a small church, maybe 50 peeps there), but she got a pretty corsage.  All the mom's in church got a rose... when pastor asked the mom's to stand, I remained seated... after all I am not a mom.... Trevor looked at me and said "kim you have to stand up to, your a mom"  it was so sweet and he was insistant... so I got a rose too...  I also got from Matt and Trevor a really nice pink leather covered amplified Bible... I really love it.. It has lots of highlights and life points from Joyce Meyers... We are going to find somewhere to get my name engraved on it.

After church it was time to head home... the ride back wasn't so grand... whatever bug Trevor had wasn't going away.. he was sick and vomitting the entire trip back... it seemed to stick with him till Monday afternoon and then just as it came, it was gone... I think he faked it with Matt and stayed home Tuesday too... dad's are always more of a push over in that area... with mom's if your not throwing up and/or running a fever, you butt goes to school.

But in spite of a blip or two in the weekend, all in all it was a great weekend.... and the sunset in Daytona area on Friday was truly a testament to God's awesomeness and the beauty He creates...

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That corgi :) said...

beautiful pictures!! seems all in all you had an enjoyable weekend; sorry about Trevor getting sick though and you are right, us moms tend to get the kids back to school as soon as we can :)