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Saturday, July 3, 2010

People let me tell ya bout my best friend...

Erin and I at Seacrets in Ocean City MD circa 2003??

erin and I in Oct 2008

BFF Erin and I Oct 08

Every once in a while you have a friend that just knows you.  I have very few girlfriends and Erin is a one of a kind... we can go for months without talking and sometimes a good year without seeing each other but there is still a genuine bond there.  She always knows, even without my saying a word, when things are not right in my world.  We almost came so close to losing our friendship once... I don't know who was the one to cry uncle and swallow pride first (maybe we both did) but no matter, old dried up water under the bridge, and I think it likely made our friendship stronger.  


GirlyMuscle said...



That corgi :) said...

so neat to have a special friendship like you and Erin! I'm sure you know either one can call on the other in times of crisis, etc and she will be there for the other. Both of you are beautiful women!


alicia said...

Ahhh... the mark of the best friend! I have one of those... we can go months without talking and pick up like old times. We too had a "falling out" once upon a time, but thankfully we were both too stubborn to drop it. Wouldn't trade it for anything though! Neither of us has a sister, so I do believe that's why God has blessed us with this sister like relationship.

Katie said...

I have a friend like that too. My ex husband was the "almost" that practically killed our friendship - the thing is - she was SOOOO right and I was SOOOO wrong. I'm just thankful she stuck around (at a distance) anyway - cause she loved me!

Glad you have a friend like that too!