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Monday, August 9, 2010

Prayer Request

This weekend traveled to Florida... initially  trip was to see baby Noah Ashton Roach he was born on July 18th.... to Mason and Amber Roach... but the trip became a happy and sad occasion...

Thursday night with no warning what so ever... Amber's mom had a massive stroke.  Now in and of itself this is a horrible thing, but made even worse by the fact that Amber is super close to her mom... Amber is still healing physically and hormonally from just having had a little one on the 18th of July and now she is dealing with this to boot.

Please keep Susan Roberts (Amber's mom) and Amber and her family in your prayers.  We know its is all in God's hands but prayer to the almighty healer and physician are greatly needed.  She had surgery on Saturday evening, they had to remove a portion of her skull to allow the swelling a place to go... The DR said the surgery went well and now its is just a daily wait and see.

I know Amber is trying so hard to be strong as is her dad (been married to Susan for 31 yrs) please pray for strength for the both of them.

We did get to see baby Noah... just 3 wks old... he is so precious... I got to hold him... bless his little self he is so collicky... his formula has been changed a couple times and nothing seems to be helping the little guy but being held and bounced a bit so all that gas can get out of his tummy.  I've never had a baby, and when I held him in my arms it made me tear up....i did manage to get him to stop crying for a bit and he fell fast asleep in my arms... OMgosh I never wanted to let him go.... but we needed to get up to the hospital to be with Amber while her mom had this surgery... Thankful for Amber that family is nearby to keep an eye on the baby and his big brother Caleb (2 yrs old)... just wishing I could have stayed in Florida to be of more help myself...


Katie said...

I will definitely be praying for all of them. Especially Amber and Susan.

Sorry you didn't get to stay long - but glad you got the time with them you did.

Babies put so much into perspective for us don't they?

Dawn said...

Wow that is a lot to have happen all at once. I will keep them in my thoughts.

alicia said...

That is so sad.
We will be praying for them, and for you.
Blessings today.

Kim said...

thank you ladies for the prayers... I know Amber and her family greatly appreciate it as do I...