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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Somethings missing in church

maybe its just me, maybe its because of where I am in life, or maybe... NOT... maybe others have noticed but no one comments..

Have you noticed in churches, there are groups for this and groups for that, but in what church have you EVER seen a group for older singles or dating couples?

I am certainly not advocating the House of the Lord is a pick up joint but come on... there seems to be bible studies and classes for young singles, even church activities for them.  There are things for mom's be they married or single mom's, there are ladies bible studies.. Our church is getting ready to do one study Power of the Praying Wife... ok what about Power of the Praying Older Single Woman?? or Power of the Praying Dating Woman?

It is almost as if you are an older single person in church (or even divorced) or dating there is just nothing for you?

I mean if your a parent and your child is of dating age... wouldn't you prefer they date a nice boy or girl from church?  Sure you would.... and of course there are youth activities but again there seems to be this huge (or maybe its not so huge I dunno) section of our church (and I don't mean church as in just the one I attend) population that is just left with nothing?

Listen I did so much, so wrong when I was married.. to add to that... I knew God but I didn't KNOW God... I so often wish I had the option of going back in time with the knowledge of God I have now... I can't say 1000% but I am pretty darn sure I would have handled things MUCH differently...

now all I want is the chance to have a partner in life I can do things differently with... and now I wonder daily... in my current situation... is God asking me to hold on He is working on things with me, working on things with Matt, or will things never change and I am supposed to move on???

I am asking you God... pleading, begging for some sort of answer to WHAT I am supposed to be doing here.  You are NOT the author of confusion but I am so flipping confused right now it is not even funny.


Paula ~ Princess Warrior Chick said...

Hi Kim...I have been there and done that on all counts in your post. In lieu of me praying for you and preparing some words of encouragement from home (at work at the moment), can I just ask that you lay it all down at God's feet and leave it there for a while? Don't try and work it out yourself. Paula xo

That corgi :) said...

I checked my church and you are right, there is nothing for "older" singles. We stop after college/career age (young 20s) and we pick up again in older years (i.e. widows/widowers)

I don't know about you and your current relationship with Matt, but I do know the Bible warns about being unequally yoked. If he is not a believer and has no interest in becoming a believer, in my mind, there's an answer right there.

I have also heard at churches where they did have events for older singles, the women outnumbered the men 10:1.

so what is the answer? I don't know. but I trust God will lead you to it in his perfect timing and will


Katie said...

I hear you on this one. I'm younger - but most of the singles groups in the churches in my area are geared for 23 and under. Um...and they certainly aren't encouraging women who have been divorced or have "baggage" aka kids!

(((HUGS))) You know I understand this!