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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend...

Whirlwind weekend.... Jury still out if it was a good one or not...

Well it was GREAT in the fact I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off.  It was exhausting in the fact I stayed up way past my bedtime every night. 

Wednesday I was up till 1am, baking 4 loaves of white bread and 2 loaves of cinnamon raisin bread... then got up Thursday at 4:30 am to get on the road to Florida. But when someone's grandma tells you that your bread was delicious and goes back for 2nd and 3rd pieces, well I guess a little flour in the kitchen and sleepy eyes are worth it.

Course if I'd had remembered EVERYTHING at the grocery store for bread I would not have found myself in the craziness that is Wal-Mart on Wednesday night.  But after spending almost 2 hrs there while oil got changed, I realized after I got home... I'd forgotten more yeast for the cinnamon bread... oy vey - BACK to walmart.... But a bonus on my having to kill time while I was there... I found a GREAT gift for a friend...

Its not really a Christmas gift, although its Christmas-y...but it conveyed a thought I have of this friend.  You know that excited feeling you get when you find something that just is perfect, kind of what you had in mind... well it made the almost 2 hrs I had to kill in Wal-Mart sort of worth it.

Then there were the up too late two nights playing Texas Hold Em... I don't get to play often and by the time I start to remember the rules we don't get to play again for months and I've gotta remember all over again.... but even though its not real money and I have no clue what i'm doing... its funny when I can kick butt and win a big pot of chips on a lousy hand!

I didn't really eat a lot on Turkey Day.... and I had no dessert.... I don't like pumpkin pie, and I don't like mint pie, and no one made any Cherry Pie (my personal favorite!) but the good part was I didn't wake up Friday feeling miserable and still stuffed to the gills at noon the next day.

Well its 7:30 almost PM that is... and I'm gonna finish this glass of wine, throw laundry in the dryer and then this gal is saying hello to her PJ's and pillow.

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That corgi :) said...

that bread sounds delicious!! your patience to deal with WalMart twice the same night is commendable!! Sounds like it was a very nice weekend!