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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tractor Pull at Old Santee Canal Park

young farmer


Mr. Bruce
Just a beautiful sight

still and peaceful


Fall in the South

now THAT'S a truck

I think I was meant to be a farm girl

This cow liked to lick you too

wasn't about to ask how much the ride was cause I wanted to do it bad but I"m sure it was $$$

His name was TINY 1 yr old 110 lbs

Tammy's son Jesse

two very polite young men Jesse and Dillon

Tammy's son Dillon

another youngster in the tractor pull

he was so cute

I have never been to a tractor pull, and while I will say its not very exciting... after you've seen one or two go, its all the same only some go farther.... but the company was EXCELLENT.. one of the ladies from church and bible study group, her husband, Mr. Bruce does pulling, so his wife Jennifer invited myself and Tammy and her sons along... It was a beautiful day with some beautiful ladies (sorry didn't get any pics of Ms. Jennifer??)

The venue, Old Santee Canal Park where it was held had a lot of walking trails, very cool place.... we walked around a LOT and I was pretty tired by the time I got back.... Tammy kept asking me have you been here, have you been there, since moving here and 99% of the places she named I had to answer no... so that is my quest in the future months.... get out of this house and go explore my area... for heavens sake people come here in vacation!

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That corgi :) said...

Beautiful area!! Glad you went with your friends, Kim. It looked like it could be lots of fun (love to people watch :)

Hope you become adventrous to check out more of your part of the country :)