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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude - 7 of 365

ok going forward here is template:

1) First, gratitude for something about myself
2) Second, express gratitude for someone else in my life
3) Third, express gratitude for a material thing, the smaller the better. It works to consciously think about the senses--something you can see, hear, feel, or smell. (thanks Mary)

1 - I am grateful that no matter how far or how long I stray... I always come back... I am a weeble... I wobble (quite literally lately) but I DON'T fall down!

2 - I am grateful to David Greenwalt and his continued evolution of Leannness Lifestyles tools and such... and I am grateful for the LL community... it has changed and evolved a LOT since I joined in 2002, but it IS a community and a supportive one at that.  I must add I am grateful to member Mary for getting this started at LL and giving me the idea

3 - I am grateful for a wonderful book I rec'd from an LL member here to help me in my journey toward understanding God and His will for me and my life.

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