just when the caterpillar thought that life was over,
it became

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This year is going to be about making so much different.... about seeing things differently.... about reflecting on God's blessings for me.  Yes a sinner like me... one who has sinned and some times continues to sin.... God has blessings for me too.  Only lately (like for the last year) I've been to focused on trying to make things what I wanted them to be that I've missed some wonderful things that were right in my face.

I am some what ashamed of the fact I was so focused on this other 'thing' that I missed the wonderful Godly women that have been a blessing in my life.  These women came to my life from my roommate Gabrielle.  She invited me to join her group one Wednesday and these women welcomed me as if I'd been a part of their group since the beginning 2 or 3 yrs ago.  Because I chose to be so focused on a bad choice.... I missed that.... yet there she (Gabrielle) and the rest of the group still are... still loving me and still welcoming me and never once judging me. 

Lord please forgive me for missing that blessing you bestowed upon me, and thank you for not removing them from me and my life, even when I probably don't deserve it or them.

As well I have a beautiful group I go to on Tuesday... and while the dynamics of our group have changed a bit since our last study.... our leader remains and is becoming such a dear friend.... again another Godly woman He placed in my life that knows so much about this bad choice and the gory details, yet never once, not once, has she cast judgment upon me.

I've been so damn focused on the bad I've not even been able to see the beauty of such wonder He provides ALL THE TIME. 

But this is the year that I will focus on what I do have, NOT what I don't have..... because I have so much and going forward I choose to see it!

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