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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meet the Trainer


yes I've hired a trainer.... you can check her blog at the link above.... I've followed her blog for a while now... we've chatted via text, I follow her on face book - she is really a very sweet person (remind me I said that after leg day) and I am very excited to be working with her.

Heaven knows I really can't afford a trainer... but heaven also knows... I can't afford not to... I am so disappointed in where I've allowed my physique to go over the last year or so.  I know I have food issues and I am hoping together, she and I can not CURE  them but figure them out... I've got to figure this out because goodness when I took pictures the other night, well, it was very depressing.

all our work together will be on line... because I am in SC and she in PA.... but I've seen some of her clients that she's worked with strictly on line... granted she can only write me a program, nutrition and exercise, EYE have to do the work.... she can only do so much... but its the motivation she gives, the accountability, already I can tell she hasn't cookie cut my program... and praise God she is not into keto dieting... we might go there down the line, IF I decide to compete maybe in the fall...

we are starting hard and fast out of the gate.... and it won't be easy after being so sedentary this last year, but then the physique I desire isn't going to just be handed to me either... I have to work FOR it and then work to KEEP it - and keep it this time I will....what is great is her training cardio and lifting... will really target my lower half... .no matter how lean I've gotten... my legs have always not been to my liking... lots of HIIT cardio, stepmill, plyometric... and resistance training that leaves little rest between sets....

I've committed to 3 months but I am sure we will continue after that.... her bi-weekly updates, her motivation messages, just her sheer desire to see her clients excel.... I'm super excited....

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