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Friday, February 18, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude - 49 of 365

1 - I am grateful I have a nice smile

2 - I am grateful to my friend Rich - he is smoking his prep and gave my inspiration for extra cardio today

3 - I am grateful to a laundry basket of sweaty stinky work out clothes.... lets me know I am working hard and doing something GREAT for my body

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Katie said...

Can I add a grateful of my own to your list today? I was grateful tonight when I squatted down to tie my sons shoes that I had trouble getting back up. Because MY THIGHS WERE SORE FROM MY WORKOUT!!

I haven't worked out hard in a long time. I've been doing some pretty basic, barely above sedentary walking for awhile now - but I got in some good cardio and a ton of squats and lunges last night. WOOHOO!!!

Feeling the burn baby! Feeling the burn!

Sometimes pain can be a good thing!