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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Biceps and Cardio May 4 2011

Again focusing on form, and mind/muscle connection, controlling the movement, taking out the 'lift heavy' ego for a bit (not that I'm lifting AS heavy as I did in 2009 prior to my relocation and total loss of focus)....

Standing EZ Bar Bicep Curls (30" rest b/t)
12 @ 30 x 3

Standing DB Hammer Curls (30"rest b/t)
12 @ 15 x 4

Alternating DB Curls (60"rest b/t)
15 @ 15 x 4

1 Arm DB Preacher Curls (no Pcurl bench in this gym) (no rest did reps on right, left, back to right, etc)
12 @ 10 x 4

Standing Cable Curls (2 w/straight bar, 2 w/cable)
12 @ 40 x 4

Cardio was Cardio Coach V5, well as much as I could do... I was getting uber frustrated with my iPhone the workouts show in order on my menu but it kept skipping around??? any how.. I burned up 526 calories in about 44 minutes... was frustrated to no end with it skipping around... gotta figure out what that's all about??

and again I took the time to stretch out when I was all done :-)

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