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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Why is it if you are opposed to something for yourself it makes other so uncomfortable?

Why is it they want to label you as some ‘freak’ if you don’t agree?

Well personally I don’t care for halloween!

I don’t consider it a holiday….

I don’t consider it a tradition…

I don’t consider it a word worth capitalization…

I don’t consider it a anything…

Other than another day of the week…

I don’t care what other people do…. If you want to have parties, you want to trick or treat, you want to dress up… listen that’s you and that is totally cool… and if your a friend or family I STILL love you just the exact same!

I’m totally cool with what YOU want to do… so why is it others can’t be cool with the fact I don’t want to do it, participate in it, be associated with it?

Listen I am NO perfect Christian girl, never will be. I sin daily in some fashion - I mean if I’m having choice words with myself in the car over some person that cut me off on the roadways…Well then I’ve sinned, period.

But why would I personally CHOOSE to worship evil?

And how can others get upset because that is what I CHOOSE for me?

And that is how I personally see it, for me.

But people seriously get offended when you don’t want to attend their halloween parties, or you want to keep your house dark and not hand out candy (frankly I’m a bit opposed also to contributing to the obesity in kids), or you don’t want to put on some stupid costume?

Listen I don’t berate you for enjoying October 31st…. won’t you please return the same kindness and not berate me because I don’t enjoy it?


Cherylg said...

GOOOD for you Kim!!!

Sometimes Christians will stand out for making a stand against our societies celebrations. Jesus & his believers stood out for what they believed and suffered for it. Compared to the sufferings of Jesus, it is a privilege to suffer a tiny bit for him. You are making Jesus proud. Keep it up! :) Matthew 5:11 says "BLESSED are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

Many blessings.


Cherylg said...

Hi its me again. I will be going to my church on Mon and if there was no church, I would also dim the lights and not answer the door for halloween. Maybe see it there is a church you can go to that does not support it on Mon.

GirlyMuscle said...

Halloween isn't worshipping evil. At least it isn't anymore these days. It's just a holiday for kids now. That being said, I'm with you in not celebrating it. I'm just not into ghouly things and dressing up. Candy..that's a different story!