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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Its been a while

golly its been, mmmm, almost 2yrs since I've posted anything to this blog...

Needless to say, lots has transpired in that almost two years....

One of the best things was, I got engaged (Feb2012) and then married (Sept2013)...

He and I met on line... I know don't gasp, its the new night club... I've never been one to hang in bars, well ok, not of late, maybe in my younger years.  We met on a FREE dating website, Plenty of Fish.

Oh sure you have to throw back a lot of unworthy catches, but, if you keep at it, you might find that perfect catch.  Now that's not to say HE is perfect, he isn't, but then, neither am I.... but he is perfect for me.

Kelly and I

We also added to our family... We already had Chance, our black lab.  He has grown into a fine dog... he is so beautiful, and I don't say that because he is mine, he truly IS beautiful... see for yourself!

Chance AKC name Chances BlackMagic
But we added Gibson.  Now we don't know what he is or truly how old he is, but my heart melted when I first saw his face.  A friend of ours found him in the middle of the road in a downpour.  He was full of ticks and fleas, but having a heart for animals, she scooped him up, cleaned him up, then posted his precious face on her FB page.  And my darling husband tagged me in the picture... it was hard to resist his face...
Gibson (hard to resist that face)
go on, you know you couldn't resist it either.  He was 4.5lbs when we got him a couple weeks before Christmas of 2013.  He is now about 25-30lbs and just a wonderful addition to the family.
Gibson (Easter 2014)
And miracle of all miracles... just after I stopped posting on my blog a life long dream came to reality.  Just about Sept2012 my mother finally told me the truth about my birth/biological father.  While a story for another post, for almost 47yrs I never knew who my real dad was, and for some reason, she finally decided I deserved to know the truth.  And with the help of a friend I found him.  He is alive and living in southern IL and we got to meet for the first time Thanksgiving weekend 2012.  Since then we've formed a great relationship, granted mostly over the phone, we talk almost daily, but until I can convince him to move to South Carolina, I've got to work with what I have.  He is a dear sweet kind-hearted man and I've come to realize where a lot of my personality and love of animals comes from!  Folks say I look a lot like him, I don't know, y'all can decide for yourself.
my daddy and I

So them's the highlights... and now that I find myself not gainfully employed, maybe I'll have more time to get all the chatter that rolls around in my head, out.


Katie Hale said...

So glad to see you back posting! You know how happy I have been for you over the last few years. God has performed some awesome miracles in your life! Love you girly!!!

Christine Taylor said...

I love that blog Kim. You are and always have been an amazing lady.

Erin Ellen said...

Yay!!!! Let's not go another 2 yrs between posts!