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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday 11/20

Today I tried something new Pi-Yo Class.

Standing in the front of the Y waiting for it to open at 4:45 some of the regulars were talking about a local personal training studio and about a bootcamp class they take there, I said I had not heard of it, they mentioned oh she also does yoga..

I opened my mouth to say I really need something like that as I am so inflexible, so Trish and Michelle both piped in to say well we do the 5:30 PiYo class at the Y. Well I say I have to be out of here at 6 am to get to work on time, they mentioned they sometimes only stay for a 1/2 hr of the class... Open mouth insert foot.

So I did the elliptical for 35 minutes, then went down with some regulars to the class area at our Y and participated in the PiYo class - its a combo of pilates and yoga - thought I was going to topple over. Not only do I not bend very well, I don't have the greatest balance - and I was working up a freaking sweat holding some of these poses.

but I did enjoy the class and will certainly participate again and on a more regular basis.

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