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Friday, January 25, 2008


gettin' a butt kicking from DB side raises this time....

workout called for:
BB Standing curl 4 x 55 x 8 alternating with
Pronated Tri Push down Straight bar 4 x 85 x 8
Preacher curls 4 x 50 x 8, alternating with
DB seated Tri 2 handed Extensions 4 x 30 x 8, alternated with
DB side lat raises 4 x 20 x 8

I did ok with all but the DB side lat raises, 20 lbs was a bit too much

I got out of me:
3 x 55 x 8 BB curl, and last set was only 7 reps
4 x 85 x 8 Tri push downs
4 x 50 x 8 on EZ curls (had to use the machine someone else was hogging the free weight Pcurl)
4 x 30 x 8 - 2 hand DB tri extensions
and with side lat raises I got 3 sets x 20 lbs x 6 reps (a hard fought #5 and 6) and last set I could only eek out 4.

I really wish our gym had a 17.5 lb db... that might be an easier tranistion then going from 15 to 20, thats a hell of a jump.

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