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Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Intentions

No work today so I wanted to sleep in, but when my bladder woke me up, I crawled back into bed and soon knew if I didn't get up NOW... I would NOT make it to the gym later. Something about crawling out of a nice warm bed on a single digit degree day, when you don't have to get up... its wrong I tell ya just wrong. But I also know myself well enough to know if I don't do it in the morning it ain't getting done.

So I made today a chest/back day. I often wonder when does the point come when you just physically can not lift more weight.. I mean progressing up in poundage.

I use the muscle professor program at the leannesslifestyle website. You choose a workout or create your own and the program spits out reps/sets/ and rest time for you... you do the workout, then go back and confirm what you actually did as far as rep/weight scheme.

So I am on workout #6 of 12 for chest back...

was suppose to do:

4 sets supinated close grip pull downs 110 x 8, alternated with 4 sets DB incline bench 40 x 8 then 4 sets DB 1 arm rows 50 x 8, alternated with 4 sets BB Bench 90 x 8

.. now this alternating scheme is another reason to hit the gym first thing in the morning.. you do one set of pull downs, 45-90 second rest, followed by DB incline bench - in the AM when the gym is less crowded it is much easier to tie up two pieces of equipment. NO ides why the muscle professor program sets it up like this but at 4:45 am... I really just need to have something on paper about what to do so I don't have to think... in fact it says at the bottom of the print outs:

don't overthink the workout just do everything top to bottom :o)

so ok fine I managed 4 x 110 x 8 on pulldowns, and 4 x 40 x 8 on DB incline bench oops no sorry only got 7 reps on last set up DB incline bench.. I think had I tried for that last rep w/o a spotter, I would have had a 40 lb dumb bell on my face.

but the 1 arm rows and bench press... I don't know I was just wiped out and I don't think I was physically tired, mentally maybe

my first set of 1 arm rows I used 50 lbs but could only manage 6 reps.. 50 lb db in one hand is freaking heavy. managed my first bench press with 90 and did get my 8 reps but that last one was a true struggle.. and on the next set I was spent, totally... changed to a 45 lb for rows and got 8 with a struggle, but only got 6 reps with 90 lbs on bench.. and from there I was done... oh still had sets/reps on my paper... but just could not finish them... mental??? physical????

something to ponder today I guess.

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LizN said...

Nice to see you back blogging Miss Kimbot - I'll give you a good swift kick in the pants if I don't see you here more often.

Liz :)