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it became

Monday, March 17, 2008

YES two days in a row!

even hard for me to imagine... and even moreso when by the time I got home it was snowing/sleeting, but I did it anyhow. Donned the running clothes and got out the door... at first the sleet pellets kinda hurt when they hit my face - not that I was running at any break neck speed believe me.

I did make this run a bit less than yesterday. Haven't done much running to speak of since the cruise in Feb, so no sense in getting crazy right. Today was only 2.3 miles but when your lugging 170 pounds its a workout.

I guess when I look at the calendar and realize Galena Duathlon is 9 or so weeks away and I'd like to improve on my virgin multisport newbie athlete time of last year, that I better get my ass in gear.

OH I won't be breaking any records, but the only one I want to break is my own from last year..

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