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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Breaking the rules

Today I broke all the 'rules' of running.... all the books, experts, etc tell you when your starting a running program or getting back into one, you should start out slow and only increase your mileage by 10% a week.... So lately my runs are 2.3 - 3 miles in length but today I almost doubled that. So I should have gone maybe 3.3 miles not 5.6.... I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow.

I started the run with Kevin who had an hour on his schedule... he invited me along and I warned him he'd be going a LOT slower than normal, he was fine with it... So off we go and I am trying to keep my HR in levels not to near my max for too long so when I hit 170 its time to bring it down, so there was some slowing from a crawling jog to a brisk walk pace. And then lets not even talk about the 6ish inches of new snow we are trudging thru - I mean this IS suppose to be spring for gosh sakes.

I can't say the first 4 miles flew by, but they went faster than when I run 2ish or 3by myself - we started chatting, well I as much as I could between breathes, and before I knew it my garmin was beeping mile 4 at me.... and at that point I knew I had another mile or more to get back home... so I encourage Kevin to pick up his pace and finish up by himself I was in a spot where I knew how to get home and I really needed to slow it to a brisk walk for the rest of my 1+ mile to get home.

I guess in some fashion it was getting out there and being on my feet for that long and with Galena in 55 days, that's a good thing... time under tension, so to speak...


Duane said...

Just came across your blog, just want to say hi!

TriBoomer said...

Keep working at it. Be careful not to bend the rules too far.

I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Stay tuned...