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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Consistency is the key

Been pretty consistant with the running. Not like I'm going out every day kind of consistant but more often than not kinda consistant. Been keeping track of things on two sites, just cause the graphs are kinda cool and I'm a sick numbers person, bones in motion and motion based, but I can't seem to figure out for the life of me why I can't get the cool graphs to display within my blog... hopefully someone in blogger world can assist this techno challenged number cruncher... all I can figure is it is some setting on blogger I don't have set right. Oh well I DID at least figure out how to post the link on the sidebar... one step at a time right!

So in my contemplation of doing a 1/2 IronMan I've decided I might want to get a coach involved. I'd love to be able to afford Joe from Experience Triathlon but I'm not really willing to spend that much $$, least not at this point. But I've taken some swim classes with our tri club president, Dave Polkow, and I really like his gentle style. So I've enlisted his help and yesterday was our first 'meeting' and swim lesson.

I've told him that I realize a 1/2 IM may be a bit to lofty of a goal. I mean considering I did my first tri or any multisport event last year, prior to Oct 2006 could not swim even one full length of the pool, and I've NEVER even done anything above a sprint distance, AND I've been very coach potato-ish until recently when I got back to running.... a 1/2 IM may be biting off more than I can chew or even put the time into, considering how much time not just work but full time college classes are taking. It not un-doable, but I don't want to kill myself in the process, just have fun and challenge myself - so we will see if I just step up to OLY distance this year or take that bigger bite...

Now I would NEVER consider a full IM without having much more experience behind me, but a 1/2 IM seems more do-able than a full - but I also understand the addiction so who the heck knows what the future may hold... might be a cool thing to consider for say maybe my 45th Bday in 2 years.....

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jhw said...

kim, perhaps I can help you setup the blog integration with bimactive.com. let me know if you are interested.