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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cool Blogger folks

Its amazing the power of the internet and how you can 'met' others with similar interests. Just reading this blog, links you to that blog, then to another, and so on and so forth....And then your realize how small the world really is and that damn... some of these peeps are in your back yard, almost....

So I've had a few email exchanges with Iron Snoopy and I'm really hoping to meet her and Waddler at Galena, after the race of course, when we are all a bit more settled and besides there is just more time after the race to get to make new friends.

Hard to believe its a bit over a month away. Its kind of a sentimental race for me. I know it sounds silly but its the first multisport race I ever did, just last year. I remember going to packet pick up and going from T1 to T2 for duathlon, and driving the bike course and thinking silently to myself... OH MY GOSH!!! I will NEVER make all these hills and then the proud feeling and mile long smile I had when I did make it... I mean yeah I had the 2nd run leg to do and that first uphill is a bitch, but cosidering the doubt I had in my head from the day before and now there I was in T2 finished with that bike leg....

Well I was so damn excited to do that race again this year, I had Kevin signing us up as soon as it opened at midnight on New Years Eve. I should be able to do better on the bike this year... I've had bike re-fitted, new seat and seat post and it feels so much better, and I've figured out gearing a bit better too.... now time to get out and ride some hills, as small as they may be, round here in preparation...

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