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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monday's Fun Run

Again I just don't see the words FUN and RUN being paired together, but whatever...I go because I can always find someone to run at my snail pace.

This fun run happened to be on Cinco De Mayo. And at every fun run Jayne always has a little spread afterward. And you can't beat the cool give aways. There is usually a brand of shoe vendor there allowing you to give a trial run in their shoes, this month it was Adidas and the best Mexican custume got a new pair of Adidas shoes, then they raffled of socks and cliff blocs. I LOVE new socks. So I scored a bit after the run, new pair of socks, headband and some margarita cliff blocs - hey I'm a simple gal for the most part.

So we hung out for a bit with the other runners afterward and Jayne the store owner said I think you should sign up.... sign up, I did, she said for the walk to run program, uh no for the 1/2 marathon training program.... Oh that's great she said but what I meant is I want YOU to co-lead a walk to run program, I think you'd be PERFECT for it, ME, are you sure your talking to the right person? Yes I think you'd be great, you have a wonderful personality and I think you'd be great at leading never run before folks in a walk to run program and for your time and trouble, if you'd be interested, I'd let you purchase your stuff in the store at cost!

Woo HOO the thought of Gel Kayano's were running thru my head, AT COST no less! So I said OK... in the coming weeks Jayne will contact myself and Judy (co-leader) ww will meet with Jayne to discuss this. I'm thinking she wants to start it early fall as I'm not sure you'd get a lot of takers this time of the year but who knows.

I am so not a leader of any sort but I can pretend for purchasing at cost!

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