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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday in the Park

My Sunday started off with a wicked headache, not sure from what. Took some tylenol first thing upon waking because we were supposed to go biking. Waited for temps to warm up a touch and we went out at about 8:30.

From Elmhurst we went thru Hinsdale, then around Water Fall Glen, the thru this neighborhood in Burr Ridge with some interesting hills - proves one thing to me I am SO not ready for the hillage at Galena but it will be what it will be - granny gear will have to be my rescue. I'm happy to say I did not walk up one hill but sure the hell felt like it a few times - my tush was still a bit sore as well as my quads from mountain biking on Saturday.

I'm still not use to the traffic thing. I can fell my shoulders start to hunch up when there is a bunch of traffic on the road with us. Case in point for going out early and getting back early but we were on the back home ride about the time every church on earth was letting out.

Anyhow the trip amounted to 42 miles in 3 hrs I'm sure it would have been a much quicker ride if I could attack hills better but near the top of some you look down and see 7mph or less, it tends to kill the average pace for the entire ride a bit.

Afterward we went to Elmhursts Art in the Park many different types of vendors selling jewlery, yard art, paintings, various crafts - some really neat stuff - we walked the mile or so there, walked around and walked home - I was pretty beat by 9pm cause I never was able to catch a quick nap. Kevin managed one while I went to the grocery store... of course he was suppose to have the grill ready when I got home so we could get dinner going - nope sound asleep on the sofa.

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Julie said...

Kim ~ I totally know what you mean about looking down at your bike computer when you're on a hill and seeing that you could be running up it faster than riding it! I was proud that on two of the hills I wanted to walk on Saturday, I did NOT get off the bike! I did however get stuck behind someone going up a bad hill who was really struggling in a heavy traffic spot and I couldn't get around her ~When I looked at my speed it was 1.2 mph!! I can't believe we weren't all falling over at that speed. haha.