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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aerobar Update...

When you see others out riding and they are all tucked down in aero position, you think to yourself... how hard could that be? Well it proved to be just as hard as clip in pedals were the first few times.

So Monday I noticed that Kevin had snuck them on my bike when I was napping on Sunday after BigFoot Tri... I was so excited, I wanted to get out and ride, but something within me said this may not be as smooth going as you think. I waited for Kevin to get home from work and we went out for a ride.

I was a bit nervous trying them out on the road so we hit the parking lot at Beren's Park. Its a nice size long parking lot and at the moment wasn't to crowded. So he has me start with just putting my left arm into the rest. We ride the parking lot like that for a turn or two... then its time to come out of the left side... Ok so far so good but I can see trying to get both arms/hands into position is NOT going to feel as comfortable as I had anticipated. AND I was right - once I final got into position I felt SO OUT OF CONTROL OF MY BIKE, my heart was beating out of my chest and not from riding at a break neck speed - once in position you are basically controlling/steering your bike with your elbows... if you can recall the first time you tried driving your car with your knee and how out of control you felt - this felt VERY similiar...

So the comfort factor will only come with that P word, practice, practice, practice. But because we have a tri on July 12th at the end of our vacation, we are taking the bikes with us to the East coast and its relatively flat land out there so I should be able to get in some time on my elbows - so to speak.

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