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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pleasant Prairie Open Water Challenge

This was an add on to the schedule...even though I have a sprint tri on tap for tomorrow for some reason I couldn't resist the temptation to try a 1 mile open water swim.

There were actually several events, 1 mile swim w/5k run, 2 mile swim, 3 mile swim and some shorter events. It took place at Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie WI - just a short 1 hr-ish drive from Elmhurst. Wetsuit and non WetSuit events.

I opted for the 1 mile swim w/5k run. No idea of my time yet as results aren't up. The water was pleasant temp wise, and very do-able without a wetsuit, but considering this is my longest swim to date, I wanted the comfort of my wetsuit just in case. After 3/4 of the way into the swim, I was glad I made that decision. Once you rounded that last orange marker the wind was really making waves in this small lake.

When Kevin taught me to swim, he made sure I learned bi-lateral breathing from the start, but today, bi-lateral was not the way to go specially that last 1/4 mile. Every time I tried to take a breath on the right, nothing but water. I had to quickly learn breathing on the left only - what I found is I've got another thing I need to practice - once my bi-lateral went out the window, so did my rhythm. I'm so use to one, two, three, breath right, one, two, three, breath left - that having to take four strokes totally threw me off, and taking a breath every two wasn't much better. I was NOT likin' this last 1/4 mile - but I survived.

The run was an out and back along a nice paved path, one water stop at the half way point. All in all a decent event, kind of unorganized but hey what do you expect for a $40 entry fee. But for your $40, you got your chip timer (not to keep), a cute little key ring shaped like a snorkel fin, some Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, a swim cap, tons of coupons for the outlets that are right there, and a t-shirt.

I guess if your doing an upcoming Iron Man it would be great practice for the swim leg, heck you can even be brave and do the 3 mile swim..... mmmmm maybe someday :o)

Kiefer had some goodies they were selling so I picked up two new swimsuits - my others are gettin' kinda worn from the cholorine at the pool, so I got a TYR and a Speedo one piece for $65 total - the TYR is this bright pink with a floral pattern, the other is just a blue patterned suit... and I got some yank laces - sometimes the simple act of trying to tie your shoe in transition can be a hassle.

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