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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Running on tired legs

So yesterday was a girl day with Erin. I drove to Naperville, we hit Lifetime Fitness, she had warned me it was leg day... I hesitated a bit but said screw it I'll just not go heavy... side note, I've been a true weenie with doing legs, its a love hate thing, so needless to say I have lost a lot of strength - maybe someday I'll get back to that point of being able to squat 175 for reps... So we did squats, leg press, leg extensions, then hit the revolving stairs - never has 30 minutes on that machine flown by like it did yesterday, we chatted the entire time.. then it was back to her place for some catching up... and a trying of a new adult YUMMY beverage, vanilla vodka with diet cherry coke - VERY YUMMY and I ain't a vodka gal. Erin colored my hair for me, I've tried doing it ONCE myself, it was a disaster.. she did a great job and put some highlights in too - its a bit darker but I like it, AND the grays are all covered, BONUS! We dined on some excellent grilled chicken and corn on the cob... i don't normally like corn on the grill but this was perfect -we chatted on line with her friend in Australia, who is rather handsome, and has the most beautiful eyes and when he smiles they sparkle - its very mezmorizing.

So I headed home round 8pm.. I was tired and knew I had a busy Sunday... was supposed to swim but plans got changed so Kevin and I biked for 35 miles and while going thru Winfield we got to catch some of the Cycling Criterium, or CRIT racing as its called - freakin' awesome and a cool bonus on today's ride I say... there were 70 and 80 yr olds racing this, how cool is that, and I do mean racing. We hung for a bit then had to get home.. Back thru Glen Ellyn to check bike shop hours, mine needed to go in because I can't get front derailer out of middle gear and when I do it makes all kinds of rattling and still won't change to big ring or granny gear - well now I doubly need to take it in cause my back wheel has come out of line, must have been the rough roads. We get back, grab a quick shower, go get some lunch, then drive to Glen Ellyn, drop off bike, hoping I can get it back by Wed brick workout but probably not... well come to find out I actually broke a spoke on the back wheel, good thing it didn't come all the way out or off and into my chain, that could have been bad, very bad. At any rate they did say they'd try for Wed but I absolutely insisted I must have it by Friday as I have a tri this coming weekend.

Get back home, grab about a 30 min shut eye, then its off to 1/2 marathon training run.... OH MY LEGS were so tight from leg day, then biking, wasn't sure how the run would go, but I stayed back with the slow group and we chatted the miles away and we were back at the store before I knew it, did some stretching, then back home for shower #2, and some dinner... Steak over Spinach salad! mmmm mmmm good.

So today was 2:15 of riding, 1 hour of running and hoping I can actually get a good nights sleep later!


Nancy said...

Kim, Do you know that you will be doing the R4R event on my 49th birthday and I celebrated my 1 year of sobriety on May 29th while waiting for my new liver! Alcohol definetly was not my livers friend in the end.

Soooooo, think of me while you run and accomplish great things. I know you run for Mike as well.


Leesa Marae said...

HI KIM !!!!!

You look awesome and I am so impressed at what you have done!!!! This is Lisa ( now back to Leesa )fron Lisa's Crazy World , remember me ??/ Crazy Canadian lady with 5 kids and an even crazier family!!!

Nancy said...

You so made me cry while reading this! I would love to copy some of this to my blog if it is okay with you?????