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Friday, November 7, 2008

People you meet in the gym

so in my effort to get this weight off of me.. I'm getting back in the gym. Sometime March/April of this year.. an Xport Fitness was opening in our area so I signed up during presales... they finally opened in September, far cry from their June prediction but I've not really 'been' there since the opening...

So yesterday I did drag my ass out of bed at 4am and hit the gym by 4:20ish. No one is there at that time but maybe 4 or 5 others... no one I knew so I just went about my business... it was a tad chilly so I had on my workout clothes and jacket.

After first set of bench press I was warm enough to remove the jacket. with this extra weight I am no gym bunny by any stretch and hardly anywhere near the nice tone chick in the pic on my blog, but even under all this extra fat, when working, you can see the muscle I've developed IS still there, most times it is what keeps me going...

So I finish off another set of weenie bench presses (weenie for me when I consider I was benching over 100 for reps about a year ago) when this dude walks up to me and says

"I really admire a woman in the gym trying to get herself back in shape"

Now mind you this dude is older... late 40's probably 50's, and he is not obese but he ain't Jay Cutler either. Its apparent he could stand to lose a few pounds himself and upon further observation and watching him, he is a gym talker... you know does a set, chats with whoever will listen, 10 minutes later another set...but anyhow... the next words out of his mouth after his above comment was...

"at first when I saw you walk in here I thought to myself, what the hell is SHE doing in here" " but it was apparent when you took off your jacket that you are no stranger to the gym, you've got plenty of muscle so good for you for getting yourself back in shape"

Ok dude if you were trying to give a compliment... you were doing fine till you opened your mouth the second time....so I finished my next set and he came walking back over and I said listen...

"first, thank you for the back handed compliment but can EYE give YOU some advice?"

"sure he says"

"I don't care if someone is tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful or ugly, don't EVER wonder what someone is doing walking in that door" "most especially when someone is walking in that door at 4:30am, its obvious they are here to work out and do something for themselves" "rather when someone walks in that door you should smile and welcome them as a new face, not wonder...what the hell are they doing here...

you should applaud them for being there, period, specially at 4 freaking 30am...

I think he was a bit taken back and I did thank him again for his compliment and said as I walked out... remember to smile and welcome those new faces!


IronSnoopy said...

Ohmygawd what a Sofa King Asshole!

Good for you for telling him how it is. Geez!

Wait 4 months when you're benching more than him, then just smile and keep on keepin' on!

Good for you for getting back to it! I'd love to lift with you some day.

Nancy said...

Hey Chick....WAY TO GO !!! I bet you felt great after *sharing*. Not to mention how right you are... Most of us know how hard it can be to be in the *iron pumping* room when you don't LOOK like you belong there. It is wonderful when you DO but you have to start (or re-start) somewhere.

Any anyone who has worked out for any length of time ebbs and flows...It is part of life.

Call me this weekend if you have time. I would love to chat.


WADDLER26.2 said...

OMG---you should have kicked him.
I am the #1 person that people wonder about being there and what you said is so true.

Good Girl also for getting to the gym.

Michelle said...

Great job! This reminds me of a conversation I overheard in my gym one January.

Man A: Dude, I can't wait until the new year motivation passes and all these New Year Resolution people are gone.

Man B: That was me last year.

Ha! LOVED that.