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Monday, December 8, 2008

Arm Assault

Today was arm day.... ok wasn't quite an assault but...

Straight bar curl 4/12 @ 35 two sets with wide grip, two with narrow grip
OH Tricep Rope Ext 4/12/70,80,80,80
Hammer Curls 3/12 @ 12.5, 15, 15
Tricep Rope Pushdown 3/12 @ 60 attempted 70 wasn't happening
Preacher Curls 3/12 @ bar +10
Overhead DB Tri Extension 3/12 @ 20... only last set was 11 reps, my form started to give and I didn't have a spotter, better safe than sorry, don't want to risk injury.

Then I hit the dreadmill for some brisk walking for 20 minutes at 10% incline..

Now its time to make an appearance at the superintendents holiday gathering... I really don't want to go... I see these peeps Mon - Friday.. I mean I like most everyone I work with.. but its an obligation thing.. so I will go, stay 1/2 hr or so then leave...I also don't need the temptation of the foods that will be present...

so I have my contest picture in my pocket and when I feel a weak moment I will put my hand in my pocket and remember what I'm working toward...THAT is more important then a momentary pleasure of some sweet carby fatty holiday treat.

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IronSnoopy said...

Good idea with the photo in your pocket!

I like your foreign language. It doesn't mean a lot to me, this weightlifting language, but I like it.