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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Florida for the holiday..

I totally HATE this time of year... This time of year truely holds no good memories for me. And top it off you really realize how alone you are at this time of year..
Yes I have a brother and I know he and his family love me with all their heart...but its not the same as if I had my own family ya know...

chatting with Debbie today and she feels the same.. she spent Turkey Day in FL with her parents but she said after, you come home, and its just you, and sometimes that is very fucking lonely.... I couldn't agree more...

My original plan was to go to my brothers, spend Christmas day and day after, then drive to PA to hang with Erin...then my coworkers starts talking about how her plans for going to Florida to see her parents have changed... I asked if she was still going and she said yes, but now Tony (her hubby) can't go because he can't get the week off.. and originally they were gonna drive down, he would fly back, work, then fly back at end of week then they would all drive home... well now Tony can't get any time off so Adrian mentions it would just be her and the boys driving... and now she'd have no one to share road time with and driving... well... my wheels got to spinning...

I have a brother in Florida... I have friends in Florida...I am sick of this fucking cold and snow already... EYE could drive to Florida with Adrian and share the driving.. so I hit her up with it.. she was beside herself with joy... asked if I was serious.. I said let me make a few phone calls, send some text messages and I can give you a definate answer on Monday...

Well my definate answer is YES...and while I was worried about telling Erin and my brother here in Indiana for that matter... both have said 'are you nuts... fucking go, are you crazy... miss a chance to be in the sun and warmth.... we leave IL on Christmas Day at noon!!!!

so for one of the few times in my life... I am flying by the seat of my pants and stepping outside of a comfort zone and just doing it....am pretty sure I will get to check a life list thing off cause I will get to go to Disney... and I don't even care what park... just to say I saw it, I went... if even only for a day...what would be sweet though... and not sure if its possible.. I'd love to go at night when they do that whole light parade thing.. I've heard so much about it.. but whatever happens happens... all I know is I am spending a week in sunny, warm, Florida... hell I might never come back.

I know one thing for sure.. I am going to make memories that will help foster my hope to start liking this time of year. I am not going to hold anything back I am going to go with the plan to have the TIME OF MY LIFE for the first time at this time of year...I am nervous and excited about it all...and honestly I don't care if I'd have to sleep on a park bench, just to get out of this F'n cold state!

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Erin said...

I hope you have beautiful sunny weather and you enjoy time with your friend(s). *wink*

I still want you to come visit me. You aren't getting off that easy!