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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ding Ding.. a whole week

and believe me I SO did NOT want to go...up late last night and I am draggin booty..but I went and even though after every single rep or set I wanted to just throw in the towel... I didn't..

I think I'd still be there probably but started to grow a bit hungry and realized I really hadn't eaten a thing. Maybe I should stay up late more often because I made myself push myself.. if that makes any sense at all...didn't want to be there..yet forced myself to stay and up the weights on the last sets...

Seated DB Shoulder Press 3/12/20,20,25 -

that set of 25 was tough, wasn't so sure I was going to get the last two reps out... but suddenly that picture of a shoulder shot that was pulled off video came into my head and I want that shoulder back! And yes that IS my shoulder :o)

Lateral Raise 3/12/12.5, 12.5, 15 - ouch
Reverse Pec Deck 3/12/30,30,45 concentrated on squeezing the muscle
DB Front Raise 3/12/12.5, 12.5, 15

then i forced myself to do the revolving stairs for 20 min...L5 intervals... 64 floors or 1.39 miles climbed... to no where... I don't know why and I didn't have my iPod.. but for some silly reason the Led Zepplin tune Stairway to Heaven is in my head the entire time I do the revolving steps....every time, without fail... well unless Erin and I are at the gym together yacking while we do cardio... today... that woulda been sweet I needed a distraction...

I truly wanted to stay and do the bike or incline on treadmill for another 20 but I was getting pretty lightheaded from lack of food.. so now I've eaten and its time to hit the shower...

all in all I'm pleased with the week... yeah I could be pissed at myself..and well.. I am... for slacking off during triathlon season and then totally slacking when the season ended. Its disappointing when you know 6 months ago, you could have banged out 40 pound shoulder presses....but... hopefully I have learned something from this experience.. don't be a slacker about going to the gym, ever... again... nevah! and if I ever feel myself getting to that point again.. I need to come back here and read my own damn words about how mentally tough it is to work your way back from so much downtime...

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IronSnoopy said...

You know, maybe you needed the downtime! Don't be so hard on yerself.

And hooray for Florida! I hope you go and have the time of your life. I hope it's crazy nice weather. I hope you see DisneyWorld at night. I hope you find that joy that's missing, or at the very least, a hint of joy to come!

Yay you!

Oh and that shoulder? SWEET!