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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Almost a whole week now

Day 6 back to legs... they were still a smidge sore from the chisel class, he did a few rounds of squats and deadlifts in the class, but not sore enough for me to skip them. They are my weakest area and need the most work...

Leg Press 3/12 /90lbs SS w/Leg Ext. 3/12/60

Seated Leg Curl 3/15/50 SS w/BB Deadlifts 3/15/35, 45, 45

Hip Abductor 3/12/60, 70,70 SS w/Hip Adductor 3/12/60,70,70

Then my one requisite set of squats w/20 reps... 1/20/55lbs

and duh... I am just realizing I forgot calves... well no worries i'll hit them later, I had to get home and get ready for my appt anyhow...

I will be changing all this up soon... for now... I just needed to do something to get my ass back in gear...

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